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Wearable Air Purifier 


Air-ring for Airing

Compact. Portable. Wearable.

The revolutionary, wearable air purifier Air-Ring offers unprecedented breathing protection with all-day comfort and elegant style.

While the graceful shape naturally complements the human body, the advanced technology of Air-Ring generates a private atmosphere of refreshing, purified, air for safe, active breathing.

Cutting-Edge engineering enables Air-Ring remarkably high level of power and efficiency: N95 HEPA filters, UV-C LED with Photo-Catalytic TiO2, & Carbon filtration.

Air-Ring operates for up to 8 hours on a single battery charge. An external USB power bank can extend performance with no limit.


How it works

Air Purification

 Stages of advanced air treatment. 

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N95 hepa, UV-C, Carbon filter

 Airflow treatment

1   Prime filtering - Foam and HEPA filters

2   Air sterilization - UVC & Photocatalytic

3   Final purification - Carbon filters 

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Unobstructed breathing

All-day protection

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Face masks

Extensions to empower everyone

Open mode

  • Breathing protected  by an airstream
  • Good for outdoor activity
  • For low hazard 

Face mask

  • Airflow screened by compact mask 
  • Good for intense actions  
  • For medium hazard 

Face screen 

  • Full face protection screen
  • Good for closed, public space 
  • For high hazard

Sealed mask

  • Sealed mask with exhalation filter
  • Good for crowd public space
  • For the highest hazard
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Face Screen

 Full-face covering 



Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. 

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Unfold. Uncover. Unclose.

 Your breath belongs to you! 

The future is open. You need unlimited protection to live a life without limits. And Air-Ring is your wearable air solution.
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