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They speak about AIR-RING!


Air-Ring Wearable Air Purifier

Portable. Wearable. Breathable.

press release
An international team of designers is introducing the Air-Ring, a wearable air purifier, that completely reimagines personal air protection. Air-Ring surrounds the user's face with a refreshing atmosphere of purified air. 
The innovative, patent-pending design is defined by unique ergonomics and novel form-factor. Within the slim and elegant lines of Air-ring is a powerful technology that delivers purified, refreshing air while the user's face is free and unconstrained. 

Essential airflow is delivered by a powerful silent air turbine. Multilayered air purification begins with filtration of harmful particles and viruses by a state-of-the-art replaceable N95 HEPA filter at the air intake cartridge. Then potential pathogens and viruses are deactivated when the air is exposed in the photocatalytic UV sterilization chamber with a cutting-edge UV-C LED array. The shape of the chamber is designed to optimize airflow and improve the treatment with a Titanium Dioxide coating. As the airflow streams from the main chamber through a pair of distinctively arching air ducts, the odors, and allergens are filtered by a layer of Electrostatic & Activated Carbon filters. The Air-Ring is powered for a full day's use by the battery array stored in the collar ring.
The outflow nozzles at the tips of the air channels are precisely engineered to diffuse the airflow and envelop the user's face with the essential volume of purified air for safe breathing.
The protection can be enhanced by a variety of face masks and screens connected by magnetic connectors. For the needed level of protection, the user can select from standard transparent masks to full-face screens or even sealed respirators. When the standard mask is not in use, it is simply and conveniently secured out of sight on the rear of the Air-Ring.
In the most hazardous situation, the user can simply wear over Air-Ring a hermetically sealed Protective Hood with a clear, transparent screen. All Mask and Screens including Protective Hood are compact and designed for easy storage in the compact Air-Ring carry case.
​The Air Ring is composed of a pair of two semicircular rings with the lower support ring lightly embracing the neck and shoulders while the Upper ring traces two arcs toward the user's face to deliver purified air. The interlocking arrangement of the rings and the distribution of the hardware and weight throughout the device frees the user's face. Air-Ring rests firmly and adaptively on the user's shoulders even during intensive activity. Meanwhile, it is easily taken on and off with a single move. Air-Ring is designed to remain comfortable and safe throughout a full day, every day...
​The Air-Ring design includes smart capabilities with Biometric and CO2 sensors, and the ability to connect to mobile apps. This allows streamlining improvements of the functionality and usability of Air-Ring with no limits.
The sleek bionic look of Air-Ring complements any outfit and any style: Formal, informal, sportswear, comfort wear, workwear, or winterwear... Air-ring expands the domain of personal protection for every user and any situation. We all need unlimited breathing protection to live a life without limits.
Air-Ring development is in preparation for factory production and early batches will be available for Air-Ring's crowdfunding campaign, which starts on Indiegogo in 2021. Right now, supporters can follow the development of Air-Ring with Patreon by subscribing at: or subscribe at
Sviatoslav Gerasimchuk

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Air-Ring - wearable air solution

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